North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit opening celebration

A prayer for the new circuit:

Almighty God,
We offer this year as it opens before us:
Invest its ideas with your energy;
Invest its events with your possibilities;
Invest its encounters with your presence;
that in it, heaven and earth may collide and your Kingdom come.

Everlasting Father
We offer our circuit as this year opens before us:
Break down our self serving boundaries and build up our faith in you;
Break down our old ways and inspire new ways;
Break down our fear of change and instil your excitement and hope
that in it, heaven and earth may collide and your Kingdom come.

Living Lord
We offer each of our churches as this year opens before us:
Unite and enrich our communities with your love, forgiveness and patience.
Unite and enrich our relationships with diversity and similarity.
Unite and enrich our gifts and skills that they may be used to the benefit of all,
that in them, heaven and earth may collide and your Kingdom come.

Precious Saviour,
I offer myself as this year opens before me:
Take me as I am and break me – in my vulnerability;
strengthen me with your grace
Take me as I am and mould me – in my pliability, fashion me to be like you.
Take me as I am and replenish me – in my thirst, quench me with your Spirit
that through me,
heaven and earth may collide
and your Kingdom come.

Circuit Prayer diary for September 2012

This is the first edition of the North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit Prayer Diary which now goes out to all churches in the brand new North Yorkshire Coast Circuit. Please share this document widely as lots of prayer support is needed and use it to inform both private and public prayer.
We will be featuring 2 of the Circuit’s churches each month, working through the 24 churches of the new circuit in alphabetical order (see plan). Thus we will cover each of the 24 churches in a year, providing a little information about each featured church and any specific prayer concerns that they have and so get to know a little about our fellow circuit members. This month we think particularly of Ayton and Briggswath and Sleights churches, next month will be the turn of Burniston and Burton Fleming. To do this effectively we will need your help to provide the information required. We will continue to include local, circuit and district wide events which will impact on the life of the circuit and will try to explain what these are about too. Please feedback any prayer requests and helpful suggestions or ideas and if something isn’t clear please tell us.
Thank you for your help
Love and prayers
Diane J Robinson
Circuit Steward
North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit