Christenings and Baptisms

Baptism and Confirmation… at a Glance

According to the Methodist Worship Book, baptism (or Christening) marks entry into the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, of which the Methodist Church is part. The Methodist Church, like most denominations of the Christian Church, administers the sacrament to both adults and young children.

How do we go about it?

Parents wishing to have their children baptized should approach their local Methodist minister at the earliest possible moment. The minister will be able to explain what’s involved.

Do different denominations have different baptisms?

There is one baptism, which is recognized by all the mainstream Churches that baptize infants, including the Methodist Church and the Church of England.

Can you be baptised as a child and as an adult-

for instance if you return to the Church after a break?

Baptism is a welcome into the family of God’s Church. Whether it is done on your behalf as an infant or of your own volition as an adult. Therefore a second baptism is unnecessary. Baptism recognises that prior to anything we do, God loves us. The Church however, understands a need for a declaration of commitment when there is a return to the Church or a re-awakening of faith; the Church is prepared to honour that need. The most usual way is through confirmation of previously made baptismal vows. The local Minister can explore this with you in greater detail.

The first point of contact are the Circuit Ministers

Alternatively, the Senior Stewards at your local church will arrange for a Minister to contact you

Use the website contact form and your email will be sent on to one of the Ministers