Welcome to the North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit,
John Wesley made a number of visits to this area. In June 1761 his journal records visits to Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay and Scarborough
At Whitby he found that ‘The congregation was exceedingly large, and ninety-nine in a hundred were attentive.’
At Robin Hoods Bay ‘In the midst of the sermon a large cat, frightened out of a chamber, leaped down upon a woman’s head, and ran over the heads or shoulders of many more; but none of them moved or cried out any more than if it had been a butterfly.’
At Scarborough ‘I had designed to preach abroad in the evening; but the thunder, lightning, and rain prevented. However, I stood on a balcony, and several hundreds of people stood below; and, notwithstanding the heavy rain, would not stir till I concluded.’

Today, our circuit consists of 21 congregations covering an area of approximately 250 square miles along the North Yorkshire Coast, across the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and parts of the Yorkshire Wolds. We have a team of 6 ministers: 5 presbyters and 1 deacon working with circuit stewards, local church stewards, local preachers and church members to fulfil our mission.

Our mission statement states that ‘The North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit exists to fulfil God’s vision of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with people of all ages, so that they will become His disciples and grow in faith. We will do this by challenging, encouraging, resourcing and enabling the people and churches of the Circuit to serve their communities and the wider world.’

Whatever brings you here to our website, do take time to explore, have a good look around. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
We are privileged to live, work and witness in a beautiful part of God’s kingdom it would be wonderful to welcome you in person and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ at any one of our churches or events.
God bless you
Rev Graham Morgan
Superintendent Minister


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