ECG 2022: Yesterday: Today: Forever – Celebrating God’s faithfulness

The theme for 2022 celebrates that, in the constantly changing world, we can be certain of one thing – God never changes.

This year marks 14 years of ECG’s ministry.  This will be the final year of ECG conferences in the way we have known them.  As this era comes to a close and we look to the future, rejoicing in God’s faithfulness over the past years and certain that he will be with us as we journey on in to a new adventure.  Will you join us?  

Come and be inspired, renewed, refreshed.  Come and hear God’s voice and find a new vision foryourself and your church.  Come and be equipped to make a difference.

19th – 24th April 2022 booking is now open. There is also advice on how to carry over bookings from the previous two years. Follow the link here: ECG Events