Holy Habits: Deeper into Prayer

The Holy Habit for July to September 2018 will be prayer and will be led by the Crofters Spirituality Group at the invitation of the North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit.  Crofter members include qualified Prayer Guides and those experienced in leading people to explore and deepen their prayer life.

The circuit is providing the venues and hospitality for a 6 week course + 1 introductory session and 1 closing session.  

The course will be led by members of ‘Crofters’ an ecumenical group who request that sessions are advertised locally and ‘open’ to anyone in the area wishing to participate.  

Each session to be 90 minutes long and will ‘stand-alone’ but there will be maximum benefit if the full course is attended.  The subject of each session is given below.  Two sessions will be offered each week, one during the daytime and one evening session.  

Churches have been asked to offer hospitality and once venues have been confirmed the details will be shared via the notices.


Week 1 Circuit Introduction to ‘Deeper into Prayer’ to include refreshments and a short act of worship at Westborough (Chapel) on Tuesday 3rd July 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Week 2‘Who is God?’  (9th -14th July- 2 sessions tba)

Week 3‘God Loves us with an everlasting love’ (16-21st July- 2 sessions tba)

Week 4‘God in all things’ (23rd -28th July 2 sessions tba)


A ‘meditation month’ of local prayer walks/pilgrimages/retreats etc. to be arranged by local churches.


Week 5 ‘Sin, how do we see it today? (Sept 3rd -8th 2 sessions tba)

Week 6‘I have loved you with an everlasting love’ (Sept 10th-15th 2 sessions tba)

Week 7‘Resurrection’ (Sept 17th -21st 2 sessions tba)

Week 8Closing meeting to include refreshments & short act of worship (tba)

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