Priceholme MHA

Congratulations to Ruth Dale who has completed her fist week at Priceholme as the new Chaplain.  Please pray for Ruth and the work she will be doing with the residents, family and staff. Chaplaincy services help to restore and sustain hope, well-being and community spirit amongst older people in care homes.

Chaplaincy is a key pillar of MHA’s person-centred approach to care and support for older people, which attaches importance to spiritual as well as physical health and well-being.  The charity is one of the pioneers of chaplaincy within a social care setting and today employs more than 130 chaplains in its care homes and retirement schemes across the UK.

As MHA celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2018, Methodist Homes Sunday will have a special emphasis on the achievements of age and the completeness of life. This year the theme of worship is ‘Full of Years’ and church groups are invited to celebrate the day by taking the theme and looking at ways in which they can help one another to support older members of our church and society as well as recognise and value the unique insights and perspectives of those who are in later life. Methodist Homes Sunday is on 10th June 2018, perhaps you could do something at your church.  Resources are available on the MHA website.