Message from our Superintendent

Dear friends,

What a joy and a privilege it is to be a minister in the church, particularly at Christmas.

When Christmas Day arrives and since Advent Sunday I will have shared in 15 services of worship, attended 5 school nativities and concerts, been to Messy Church, led 6 bible studies, eaten three Christmas dinners, baptised 1 baby, officiated at 2 funerals, given Christmas messages to and prayed with and for hundreds of people who do not normally come to church; children and their parents, Scouts, Probus and Rotary members and sung countless numbers of Christmas carols.

In addition to this I will have chaired 4 business meetings, attended our Circuit prayer meeting and met pastorally with a number of people in homes, hospitals and coffee shops.

Christmas is a gift to the church, an opportunity for us to share the good news with those outside our regular worshipping congregations.

I hope and pray that around the circuit and in each of our churches we have all managed to welcome visitors, reached out in to our communities and taken every opportunity to share Jesus (it’s not too late).

I hope also that in the midst of all the busyness you have taken time and are taking time out for personal reflection, that as you have read and heard again about the baby Jesus that you have encountered the Living, Lord Jesus, and that you will continue to do so throughout 2017.

Every blessing to you all, with love and prayers, Graham