Rainbow Centre News


In the last few months the Rainbow Centre has remained a place of safety, hope and encouragement for the most needy in Scarborough and the surrounding areas. We continue to tackle the ever rising issues of poverty and inequality within our community. We are always reliant on our volunteers and we are delighted to have welcomed some members from the Circuit who have joined our team and are now helping clients to resolve their personal issues in order to move forward and make a better life for themselves and their families.

Our Facebook page has up-to date news and there is likely to be a new ‘feature’ of ‘what we are short of this week’ (I’m sure it will have a snappier title than that) – for those of you who would like to do more ‘targetted’ shopping for the food sheds. Of course we are still very grateful for whatever you can manage to put in the collection bins.

In order to continue the Rainbow Centre provision we need to increase our REGULAR support base in the coming few years. If you feel that you could make a regular donation to the work of the centre we would like to invite you to become a centre ‘Wellwisher’. Leaflets are available at some churches and can be downloaded from http://www.therainbowcentre.org/rainbow_centre_about.html
Any amount would be welcome however small (or great!) – £1, £2, £5, £10 or more.
£1 a month is £12 a year – so if 20 people pledge a £1 that will give us £240 a year that is regular reliable income. If you are a tax payer and also ‘Gift Aid’ your donation then that increases the total to £300 – Rainbow could use that to buy food for the sheds, sleeping bags for the homeless, Christmas presents for children, gas/electricity to support people during the winter months etc etc.
Maybe your church could commit to a regular amount? Talk to a member of your Church Council and ask them to raise it?

If any of you would like a ‘talk’ about the Rainbow Centre the lady who organises the food in our sheds does a great job and has a fabulous presentation with slides. Contact Margaret Arnall Tel: 01723 374873 (Margaret is a lay reader at St Marks Church in Scarborough)

Please get in touch if you would like any further information or if you would like to offer to volunteer or help in any way. Many thanks.
Lesley xx lesley.usher96@gmail.com Tel: 01723 371242 Mob: 07816 857427