Sunflower Celebrations (an afternoon to celebrate generous living)

Something exciting happened on Saturday 14th June at Wreyfield Drive Church, Scarborough
People from the North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Church Circuit
Sunflower Celebrations (an afternoon to celebrate generous living)


The 24 church communities that make up the North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit (a large geographical area stretching from Whitby and Briggswath and Sleights in the North to Reighton, Burton Fleming and Weaverthorpe in the South, and inland from the coastal towns and villages as far west as Sherburn and Snainton, came together to celebrate the ways in which they share their generous living as individuals in the community, both within and outside, the church.

The North Yorkshire Coast Circuit came into being 2 years ago and, though we have met for joint church celebrations, we thought it was a good idea to celebrate each other as individuals and share the ways in which our generous living is demonstrated within our local communities and the wider world.

The event was organised around the theme of The Sunflower, chosen for the symbolism of one large flower (representing the Circuit) producing many seeds to form new flowers.). The organising ‘Sunflower Group’ gathered help from many volunteers to prepare and produce a program of activities.
On arrival, people were handed a leaflet as a guide to engage and interact with the event. Inside the leaflet was a sunflower petal. This invited the recipient to find someone they didn’t know during the afternoon and talk with them about their gifts and the things they are involved in. They were asked to write a few of these things on the petal and place it in the basket in the café area. Conversations were soon taking place as new friendships were made. People browsed all afternoon: through the café area, where refreshments were on tap and a rolling presentation on the large screen scrolled through the list of almost 400 activities previously identified by members of the circuit as examples of their generous living, (including delicious home baking).

The market place, displayed posters and items to illustrate the skills and talents people use and the organisations they support.


Two activities rooms catered for ‘0s-90s’ and various interactive prayer stations were dotted in and around the building.

There was also an outdoor playing area and the District Youth prayer tents with the themes of Healing, Hope, Journey, Justice and Peace were available to explore.



At the front of the church building, bubbles were blown into the surrounding areas to bless the community.

Passersby were unaware that they had been prayed for as the bubble passed over them front of the church building, bubbles were blown into the surrounding areas to bless the community.

During a time of worship the ‘petals’ that had been completed earlier were brought forward and placed on the outside circle of a sunflower head to build up a large sunflower, representing all the people’s skills, involvements and interests.

After worship, refreshments were served and a cake shared amongst the many – not quite the feeding of the 5,000 – though nobody went without!

Everyone came away refreshed and revitalised, ready to share their energies, resources and newly gathered ideas throughout the communities of our large circuit and beyond, with ripples radiating out across our world.

And so, our journey as a Circuit continues…….

(This article also appears in the July Yorsay)