Friday 18th April, 2014

Good Friday continues to be one of our most important days and is celebrated by Christian Churches here in Scarborough. To mark the day, CTIS will be leading the annual ‘Walk of Witness’ from William Street Coach Park to Scarborough Castle via the town centre.  Do contact Graeme Parkins T:368831 or if you have any questions.

The Route

The route and timings will be identical to arrangements agreed for Good Friday on previous years.  We will follow the traditional route along Dean Road (East Pavement), then at the traffic light junction with Castle Road, turn west towards and then into Aberdeen Walk. Continuing on the east pavement, the procession will proceed to the town centre and pause opposite the Brunswick Centre / Boots area by the raised sculpture. Following an Easter Hymns, Prayer and a brief address, the procession will then walk through Newborough to St. Nicholas Street. At St. Nicholas Street, the procession will take the east side of road walking North with the traffic flow and onto the pavement.  At the round-about junction of North Marine Road and Castle Road, the procession will turn east along Castle Road and up to the Castle itself where the event will conclude with a short service in the Castle Grounds. The Castle Cafe will be open for refreshments after the service.

The Programme

9.45 am The procession will assemble at the William Street Coach Park for general instructions, safety provisions and processional discipline will be given.

10.00 am The Procession will be led by Church members carrying a large wooden cross.

 Participating Churches are requested bring their banners

10.20 am The procession will arrive in the town centre, for prayers and Easter Hymns then resume the route noted above.

10.50 am Anticipated arrival time at Scarborough Castle. The procession will stop at the three usual locations within the Castle walls for Easter Bible Readings and Hymns.

11.00 am Open air service on the Castle headland.