Rainbow Centre news

Our Churches supporting the Rainbow Centre would like to offer breakfast to some of their clients on Saturday mornings, 8-9.30am. This will be somewhere in the town centre (yet to be decided)

To do this we need people and help and ideas….

Please come along to a (one off) meeting on February 27th 7pm at Westborough. Tea, coffee and sticky buns will be served.

or if you can’t make that but want to be involved in some way then speak to Mark Haynes or Lesley Usher

After unprecedented requests for food parcels – the Rainbow sheds are bare!!  Would it be possible for your church to have a Rainbow food donation box?  The idea is that when doing your normal shopping trip you buy 1 or 2 extra items for the box.  These are often items on special offer.  If there is someone within your church who would be happy to coordinate this and contact me, I could arrange delivery/collections and answer any other questions you may have.  The Rainbow Centre is always grateful for your continued support in these difficult times!  Many thanks.

Lesley Usher.              lesley.usher96@gmail.com