Taking part in leading worship

A chance to think about what is involved in planning and leading worship.


The first meeting is at Northstead Methodist Church on
Wednesday 1st May – coffee from 7.15pm meeting starts at 7.45pm.
Six more meetings will be arranged on days to suit those who wish to attend

Who is it for?

People may come for a variety of reasons:

  • Just out of interest. It is a chance to think about what we do in public worship.
  • Involvement in Local Arrangement services on the Plan.
  • Church officers may find it helps them with their duties.
  • Some may be wondering whether they are being called to offer to become an accredited worship leader, to lead prayers of intercession or to do readings in services.
  • Others may be thinking about offering to train as a local preacher and see it as a way of dipping their toe in the water!

For further information please use the contact form.