Once again we will be running the very popular cake stall in Boyes’ Store, Queen Street during Christian Aid Week.  As in previous years members from the local churches will be providing cakes and the proceeds will go to help building a world where everyone can live a full life free from poverty.

The stall will operate from Tuesday 14th May to Saturday 18th May and needs to be kept well stocked each day.  Therefore any help that can be given in baking cakes will be much appreciated.  The more cakes sold means more money can be raised to bring relief to those who live in poor and desperate conditions.


Cakes can be brought directly to the store when the cake stall is open, or through arrangements made with your church’s Christian Aid representative.  If you would like to bring cakes directly to the stall, you will find it just inside the store’s Cross Street entrance.  Please make sure all cakes are suitably wrapped.


If there is anything else you need to know please contact Mrs. Margaret Welsh (from Cayton Chapel)