“Lent for everyone – Luke”

In the Methodist Worship Book Service for Ash Wednesday and early Lent we read: “In the name of Christ, therefore, I invite you to observe this holy season of Lent, by prayer, self-denial and charitable giving; by self-examination and repentance; and by reading and meditating on God’s word”

In the North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit you are warmly encouraged to read and meditate on God’s word by using “Lent for everyone – Luke”.

This is a super little book by Bishop Tom Wright. Each day during Lent (from Feb 13th Ash Wednesday to Easter Day March 31st) there is a short bible passage, a reflection and some things to think about.

  • We encourage existing study and fellowship groups to use the book
  • We encourage individuals to use the book
  • We encourage you to form new reading groups and use the book
  • We encourage you to use the book ecumenically
  • We encourage you to find other, innovative ways of sharing together in using “Lent for everyone – Luke”

You’ll need a copy of the book and we’re able to make this £6.99 book available at only £4.00 per copy, a fantastic saving that makes it even easier to take part. Copies available at the Circuit Office (01723 07339/nyc.circuitoffice@gmail.com) cheques made payable to North Yorkshire Coast Methodist Circuit aswell as at some local churches.

Please buy one, read it, share it and together engage with Luke’s exciting journey towards the cross and beyond.


PS Braille and Large Print copies are available through The Torch trust on 01858 438275 or info@torchtrust.org