A reflection on the circuit prayer safari

Prayer Safari June 29th -30th 2012

As we set off for Burton Fleming church on a sunny (yes it was) June evening I was really looking forward to the following 24 hours. I knew I couldn’t manage all 24 churches but I was determined to visit as many as I could as I felt that it was really important that we should all meet together as we set off on our new journey.

The welcome we got at most of the churches was really warm and encouraging, many folk moved from one church to another and others just stayed at their own church, but the overwhelming feeling I felt, was that we are going to get together and make this ‘new’ circuit happen, whatever it takes.

It was a real eye opener to me to visit these places of worship which were so different in so many ways. Wolds Valley church at Weaverthorpe was like walking into someone’s front room, it was just like belonging to a family (maybe God’s family do you think?) Other churches were much bigger and with different things happening in them for their outreach, and also different problems that they were trying to overcome, there was a real sense of honesty and openness.

At midnight we were at Snainton church and one very special moment came when we realised that at that moment there was someone from each of the 4 circuits there. I’m not sure the significance of midnight, but somehow it seemed really special.

Often someone would pray for something and at that very moment several other people had the same prayer on their hearts as well, it was so right to be there together.

Needless to say the ‘night shift’ had the fewest people, there were 7 at Seamer and 4 at Cayton, but as the Lord says whenever 2 or 3 are met together in my name then there I am also, and I think He was. While we were in Cayton in the quietness we could hear everything that wasn’t going on around us and all of a sudden a little bird started to sing, Oh what a joyful noise, was he also singing his praise to God? As we left South Cliff church where again there were only 5 of us, we came down the valley to go along the sea front and the sun was just rising over the sea. What an amazing sight! God at His best.

After we left Queen Street I then retired to sleep for a few hours before rejoining everyone again at Littlebeck. If ever there was a witness to how we should have our doors open to anyone, this was a shining example. If you get chance, go and visit this little church. You will not be disappointed.

Eventually our last destination was Fylingthorpe, here we prayed for a while and then had a short act of worship. I felt quite exited with the atmosphere and the enthusiasm there.

What a wonderful, tiring, eye opening, warm, enthusiastic, prayerful 24 hours. As we travelled from one church to another we left pieces of a jigsaw behind with a picture of each corresponding church. All these will be brought together on 1st September at the Flower of May for the launch of the North Yorkshire Coast Circuit. Each piece counts because if there is one missing we will not have a complete picture. So we need everyone to join together to make the whole picture.

I wouldn’t have missed this weekend for anything, thank you to those who came to what they could and to those who provided much needed refreshments and thank you to you who couldn’t come but prayed in your own homes. It is so important that we keep on praying. We cannot do this on our own, we need God to help and guide us.

God bless.
Elaine Evans (Queen Street Church, Scarborough)