What does it mean for me to follow Christ today?   What skills and gifts has God given me?
What part do I play in God’s mission?  What difference does it make to be a Methodist?
If these are questions that you have asked then perhaps Encounter is for you.

Encounter is a programme of exploration into discipleship and vocation developed by the Methodist Church in Yorkshire.  It is for those who have a desire to deepen their faith and increase their awareness of what being a Christian disciple means for their everyday lives and what God may be calling them to do.  Encounter aims to deepen understanding of vocation in a broad sense, exploring calling in your home and work context as well as possibilities for service in church and community settings.  Through a variety of approaches it aims to help people to know themselves better, to identify their gifts and to explore various possibilities for all types of ministry and service.

Encounter involves monthly meetings of 8-12 ‘explorers’ throughout the course of a year (these are held in the evening and last for 2 hours).  Between meetings explorers are encouraged to complete various individual activities of their choosing.  These will include practical experiences of Christian service or ministry and some type of structured learning, such as a short course, a study day or guided reading.  Explorers also meet regularly with a personal Accompanist to discuss and reflect on their journey.
Encounter begins this September in the new North Yorkshire Coast circuit.  It costs just £90, with £30 to be paid by the explorer, and the remainder funded by the Circuit and the District.


An Encounter Taster Session will be held at
Emmanuel St John Methodist & URC Church on 18th June at 7.30 – 9.00 p.m.

To book a place please contact Julie Fairweather
Email:   jm-fairweather@tiscali.co.uk

To find out more about Encounter contact Mark Haynes

Email:  Ministermarkph@aol.com