Welcome to the new circuit website

Welcome to the new Scarborough Methodist Circuit website!
The aim of the site is to provide a means of communication across the circuit and to provide information that will help visitors to the area to experience the warm welcome they will find in any of our churches. The technical framework has been put together by the very talented Ross Kendall and I have uploaded the content. Some of the key features are:
Each church their own information page and also an events page. This will show basic information, and I’ve made a start. If anyone would like to send me digital photos of any of the churches, inside or out, then I can add them to these pages.
The events section contains any forthcoming events that Julie Fairweather (the circuit administrator) has emailed. Continue to inform Julie of any events that want publicising and she or I will put them on the events page. If any of the details need amending it’s very easy – just email.
The resources section will contain downloadable documents – the plan, various prayer diaries, and minutes or agendas of meetings as appropriate.
There is a contact form on the website – it is on a separate page and also on each church’s page. It will send an email to Julie and I which we will then forward to the relevant person. There is also the facility to comment on news posts – any comments are moderated by me before they appear on the website.
I’ll try to keep the website looking neat and tidy and up-to-date, but please remember that there is no highly paid team of IT wizards behind it all, just me and a tired old pc. If anything needs correcting, or if an item seems to be taking a long time to appear a gentle email reminder should do the trick.
Please have a look round, and feel free to make any suggestions, or say which bits you like. And please pray that the website will do its small bit to help God’s will be done through the circuit.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new circuit website

  1. Well done, David. I like the new web site and I like the way it works too.Doreen has already registered to use the site and I shall shortly be attempting to do the same.
    As I see it, times are changing, modern ideas need to be taken on board and used. Communications are essential and the speed of communications using e mail and internet is an asset which all churches need to take on board and develop.
    This is particularly true for the smaller and more rural churches in the circuit.
    Congratulations David.
    jim l

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